Wound Care

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Wound Care

Diabetic ulcers and other chronic wounds require ongoing medical attention to prevent more serious complications. At Anodyne Pain & Wellness Solutions, comprehensive wound care services are available for adults. The medical team uses prescreened donor tissue to support the full healing of ulcers, pressure sores, and trauma-related wounds. They also provide ongoing monitoring services to ensure your skin heals fully and without complications. Call the Newark, Delaware, office to schedule a wound care appointment or book a consultation online today.

Why would I need wound care?

You might be a candidate for the wound care services available at Anodyne Pain & Wellness Solutions if you have a slow-healing or nonhealing wound that you can’t manage on your own.

The experienced medical team specializes in managing a variety of open wounds, including:

  • Traumatic wounds
  • Chronic wounds
  • Diabetic foot ulcers
  • Venous leg ulcers
  • Surgical grafts
  • Pressure sores

These wounds may be slow to heal because of underlying medical conditions like diabetes, poor blood circulation, or recurrent infections.

Wounds that don’t heal properly or fully can cause recurrent infections, noticeable scar tissue, and other health complications. Anodyne Pain & Wellness Solutions tailors a wound care plan to the type of wound you have so that you can heal quickly and efficiently. 

What can I expect during a wound care appointment?

Anodyne Pain & Wellness Solutions takes a unique approach to supporting the full healing of open wounds.

The providers use a dual-layered, dehydrated human amnion membrane (dHAM) allograft made of a connective tissue matrix. The tissue comes from a donor and is thoroughly screened and processed in full accordance with industry standards. Screening and sterilization protocols ensure tissue is free of infectious disease.

Because the team doesn’t manipulate the amniotic tissue much during placement, the tissue maintains its natural growth factors and cytokines needed to heal the wound. The tissue matrix regenerates soft tissues while reducing inflammation and preventing the formation of scar tissue.

What are the benefits of wound care?

Without proper treatment, some wounds can worsen and cause the death of surrounding tissue. If you have a nonhealing, diabetes-related ulcer, you may also be at increased risk for the loss of your toes, feet, or ankles if tissue damage is severe.

To prevent complications an open wound can cause, the Anodyne Pain & Wellness Solutions team provides comprehensive wound care services in the office. The team thoroughly cleans the wound to prevent infection and bandages it appropriately to lower your risk for further complications.

You can expect to schedule follow-up visits so that the medical team can monitor the healing of your wound with the allograft. They also specialize in pain management services to address any discomfort or pain you have while you heal.

Call Anodyne Pain & Wellness Solutions to schedule a wound care consultation or book an appointment online today.